Poland: The Solidarity Movement and the 1989 Celebrations

As the world focused on the meanings of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, many in Poland felt forgotten, especially since the Solidarity movement represented important firsts: the 1980 mass protests resulted in the first independent trade unions in the Eastern Bloc, the first set of Round Table talks, and on June 4, 1989 the first partially free elections in the region. As a result, Poles began their own publicity campaign.

In Berlin, Poland erected the following display in front of its former embassy on Unter den Linden boulevard (“It Started at a Round Table”):

"It started in Gdańsk" - thank you, Poland by Umschauen.


Poland: “The Place Where Freedom was Born” video clip

The final segment of this shows Lech Walesa setting in motion the toppling of blocks representing the former Soviet and satellite countries:

“It Started in Gdansk” video clip

And this one can be seen frequently on CNN this fall:

“It Started in Poland” video clip


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