Solidarity Movement Anniversary Commemorative Procession to Gdansk Shipyards

IMG_0408August 31

A Solidarity-themed Mass is held at St. Brigida’s Catholic church, which is the shipyard workers’ church. It is led by the archbishop of Gdansk, who gives a lengthy sermon with reflections on the meaning of the occasion; President Kaczynski also shares the podium. Mass is followed by a relatively solemn procession to Gate 2 of the Gdansk shipyards. The hair of the majority of the marchers is a modal shade of gray. Onlookers of all ages line the streets and take photos, though they appear to be passersby in the midst of their commuting and shopping. At the shipyards, addresses are offered by the president, the mayor of Gdansk, the archbishop, with short speeches by two young people—one male and one female. Conspicously absent is Lech Walesa, as well as the prime minister. Individuals line up, representing a range of organizations, to place bouquets at the gate. The final one is presented by a representative from Berlin.

 Gdansk Shipyard Commemoration August 31, 2009


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