Leipzig, Germany Commemoration October 9

Kiosk Ad for October 9 EventThe evening of October 9 began with a commemorative service in St. Nicholas Church, which played a major role in the resistance in 1989. The crowds then moved to the streets where they processed to the main square, accompanied by videos projected on building walls of the October 9, 1989 protests. Officials, including the mayor, presided over a ceremony before an artist’s display of each number of “1989” filled with lit votive candles. The crowd of approximately 100,000 then walked on a candle-light procession around the ring of the city, surrounded by public art using actors and lazer shows. Interestingly, the crowds continued to walk even after finishing the ring route, spontaneously placing candles at St. Nicholas Church, the Stasi museum, a new monument to 1989, and other symbolic places. 


Building Lights LeipzigCandle-lighting LeipzigPublic Art, LeipzigKiosk Ad for October 9 Event 2Spontaneously placed candles in Leipzig, October 9 2009

See the Leipzig events on a free iPhone application: LVZ-mobile (might be in German)


One Response to “Leipzig, Germany Commemoration October 9”

  1. Dudley Pearce Says:

    I like the handshake. It provides a graphic picture of what took place, perhaps imperfectly.

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