Angels over Berlin

In a nod to the 1987 film, Wings of Desire, by German director Wim Wenders, angels appeared on the tops of Berlin buildings on November 9. The film depicts two angels who look down on the city from their perch on rooftops, and wander through the city watching and listening to Berliners’ hopes and struggles.

In an art installation atop four buildings along the route of the former Berlin Wall, actors with angel wings stood  and looked down on Berliners. They moved in slow motion, each with a different task. One waved, holding flowers in one arm, one lowered a bouquet of flowers on a string down to the street below, and one sent an occasional leaflet to drift down. Other performance artists were stationed along the street. Among them was a woman who claimed to be an angel-ologist, standing on a ladder in her long white dress and fur coat, with her camera equipment in a baby carriage.


My own photo-documenting activity prompted a passerby to stop and explain that the angels are commemorating people who lost their lives trying to cross over the wall. She proceeded to relate her own story: she was graduating from secondary school when it was built, and she ended up on the west side and her father on the east. She said that one-third of her class was separated from their families. Her father never believed that the wall would come down.


2 Responses to “Angels over Berlin”

  1. beverly in brazil Says:

    What a great project! I loved that film.

  2. Actually when someone doesn’t be aware of after that
    its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it happens.

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