News Reports: 1989 Anniversary Mentions (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria Won’t be Celebrating 1989 (Bulgaria)

Young Angela Merkel Saunas as Berlin Wall Falls (Bulgaria)

German Embassy in Sofia Marks Fall of Berlin Wall with Trabant Parade (Bulgaria)

Bulgarian Columnist Bellinger: Hey, Can You Shoot Us? (Bulgaria)

Berlin Kicks off Celebrations of Berlin Wall Fall Anniversary (Bulgaria)

Sofia Joins Berlin Festivities (Bulgaria)

20 Years after the Berlin Wall’s Fall: An East European Looks Back (Bulgaria)

Daring to Remember Bulgaria, Pre-1989 (Bulgaria)

Bulgarian “Berlin Wall 20” Symbolically Torn down in Sofia (Bulgaria)

EP President to Bulgarian People: Communism Destroyed Your Historical Heritage (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria Marks 1989 Quiet and Cynical (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria Still Stuck in Trauma of Transition (Bulgaria)

German embassy in Sofia to open its doors on November 7 in symbolic gesture (Bulgaria)

What became of the Wall? (Bulgaria)

Twenty years after the fall of Todor Zhivkov (Bulgaria)

Twenty years on, still no joy (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria, Romania: US, NATO Bases for War in The East (Bulgaria)

Biden in Prague: Czech Republic joins in approval of new US missile plan (Bulgaria)

Germany Celebrates 19th Anniversary of Unification (Bulgaria)

The exodus of Bulgaria’s Turkish minority – 20 years on (Bulgaria)


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