News Reports: 1989 Anniversary Mentions (Poland)

June 4, 1989: First (Partly) Free Elections

Poland’s Take on the Berlin Wall

Twenty Years On

UN Children’s Rights Convention anniversary

Anniversaries and independence

Fall of the wall – 20 years after (radio interview)

Poland’s foreign policy – past, present, future…

Berlin celebrates fall of communism (radio interview)

June 4 more important than November 9, says Kaczynski

Anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall (radio interview)

What Polish teenagers know about communism? (radio interview)

Tusk and Zapatero meet in Sopot

First Stop Poland

Walesa to tip the first domino in Berlin

Sikorski at Villa Schöningen Museum opening

Fall of the Wall 89 – a victory for the free market?

Timeline 89 – it began in Poland

What Poles know about the fall of the Wall

Berlin Wall to fall again

The fall of the Wall

Poles happy with democracy (radio interview)


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