News Reports: Russia

The Week in review 10 – 16 November


Very Little to Celebrate


Massive Dominoes Form Tribute to Fall of the Wall


Russians Don’t Know Who Built the Wall


Study Shows the High Cost of Germany’s Reunification


The Day the Berlin Wall Came Down and Changed History


The Wall that Changed Modern History


Merkel Praises Gorbachev at Berlin Wall Celebration


Moscow Sends Mixed Signals on Berlin Wall


Merkel Thanks Gorbachev on Berlin Wall Anniversary


More Walls Need to Fall


Kremlin Hints Europe Still Has Some Barriers


Fall of Berlin Wall Led to Asia’s Rise

Gorbachev Says He Averted War in ’89

Putin Recalls Fall of Berlin Wall in New Film

Medvedev to See Domino Berlin Wall Fall

Avoiding a New Berlin Wall

Saakashivili Says Abkhazia Still Georgian

Beyond the Wall

20 Years On, Fall of Berlin Wall Goes on Show

Europe’s Stifled Celebration

The Unfinished Cold War

Capitalism’s Berlin Wall

Gorbachev to receive Liberty Medal for ending Cold War

No Lull in Sight

About the Past that Still Continues

The Magic Numbers of 2009


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